Childrens Dicovery Museum

Childrens Dicovery Museum

180 Woz Way, San Jose, CA 95110-2722

 Contact: +1 408 298 5437

Open Hours: 10a-5p Tu-Sa, noon-5p Su, Members: 11a-noon Su

Children’s Discovery Museum has two floors’ worth of exhibits and activities, including a history of bubbles, face painting and all sorts of things to keep children busy and thinking. The museum is a giant, structure straddling the Guadalupe River Park, so picnics are a common for visitors. It is right on the light rail station, which makes public transportation a snap. The museum offers facilities for birthday parties and special events for small gatherings of 10 or large groups of 1,000.

The Children’s Discovery Museum has the potential to be a lot of fun depending on the day/time you visit. If you visit during a busy weekend or rainy day, it’s somewhat miserable (mostly a result of parents not watching their children who are pushing and cutting)….but otherwise, there are some great science and art activities for young children. The museum has a water splash zone, young toddler’s area, fire engine, ambulance, cultural exhibits, bubble zone and a few others.



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