San Jose’s New Vietnamese Museum

The Museum is dedicated to the Vietnamese refugees “Boat People” and Republic of Viet Nam. This is the first Vietnamese Museum of its kind in the world, a project of IRCC (Immigrant Resettlement and Cutural Center) since 1976.
The Museum is located in Greenwald House, Historical Park, 1650 Senter Road, San José, California 95112. The Greenawalt House is an Italianate style farmhouse built in 1877 at the west side of Almaden Expressway on a site just north of U.S. Highway 85. It was moved to History Park in 1991. The foundation replicates original sandstone which was from the same Greystone Quarry as the downtown Post Office.

Its collections focus on three periods:
1950 – 1975: The Republic of Vietnam and the War in the name of Freedom;
1975 – 1996: The “Boat People” and the quest for Freedom;
1975 – 2007: Vietnamese Americans today and the building of Liberty.


2 thoughts on “San Jose’s New Vietnamese Museum

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  2. A Wonderful museum showing the tragedy and heroism of the Vietnamese who fought so valiantly for freedom in their country. Educational to help young Vietnamese not lose their culture and their history, and to inform others of the labor and sacrifice of the Vietnamese People. COL Loc Vu has made a major contribution here. MANY THANKS. Thay John Swensson

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