The 2nd Floor at Motif, Restaurant and Club

389 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113

Despite the apparent glitz and dazzle of your average nightclub interior, the strength of a truly outstanding club design lies in its subtlety. So, for all the bold, intensely visual gestures made throughout San Jose, Calif. restaurant/nightclub Motif, the overall theme of Asian aesthetics brought to the project by the redoubtable interior design/systems installation team of Richard Rutherford and Charles Doell stayed wisely but consistently below the surface. “The suggestion [we made to the owner] was to bring in some elements that might have some feeling of an Asian kind of idea, without being overtly sort of Buddhas and bamboo,” says Doell, founder of Mister Important. “What we ended up with was sort of like a dark opulence, because we did everything in shades of black, white and grey and then we used LED lights to provide the color when we went from restaurant to nightclub in the evening.”

CLICK HERE for there website.


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