San Jose Metro Fountain Blues Festival, San Jose Ca, July 9, 2011


Tommy Castro Band with special guests Guitar Shorty and Rod Piazza, Guitar Shorty, J.C. Smith and the Metro Fountain Blues Festival AllStars Band, more TBA


(408) 924-6262

 Since late last year, founding organizer Ted Gehrke had been mounting what he called a “last-ditch” effort to keep the Metro Fountain Blues Festival alive. At the same time that the festival was celebrating its 30 anniversary in 2010, SJSU’s Associated Students was forced by its financial situation to pull out as the main sponsor. Well, HE DID IT. New location will be at St. James Park on July 9th, 2011. The sponsor isn’t ready to be named.

Metro Fountain Blues Festival hosts over 8000 blues enthusiasts. Patrons enjoy food and crafts vendors, a great Beer and Wine Garden, the best sound system, a family friendly atmosphere, and, of course, the best musicians playing wonderful American music

Local favorite Tommy Castro is eager to play at the recently saved Metro Fountain Blues Festival.

4 thoughts on “San Jose Metro Fountain Blues Festival, San Jose Ca, July 9, 2011

  1. man, I saw a monster last night that if you can get her to the festival you will not regret it. Samantha Fish. Listen the cut down in the swamp from her new CD. She’s amazing and she played at the bistro so she can’t cost that much. Cannot recommended enough

  2. SJSU Associated Students are still listed as a sponsor. We have been expelled from University. Kicked out of music college. Banned from campus and school.

    Thought Tommy Castro Band was supposedly booked as the headliner.

    Thanx for the memories.

  3. It’s too bad that SJSU Associated Students had to pull out of the Blues Festival, but it’s great to know that the festival will continue in St. James Park. I really like Tommy Castro, and wrote a review for The Epoch Times of his “Hard Believer” album, which won the 2010 Blues Music Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. I like Guitar Shorty, too, and bought his “Bare Knuckle” album on (for streaming) before Apple bought it and closed it out. I’ll need to get his latest album, “Watch Your Back,” before the festival. Looking forward to the concert.

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