Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Gordon Biersch

33 E San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113-2508

 Contact: +1 408 294 6785

Open Hours: 11:30a-11p Su-W, 11:30a-1a Th-Sa

Gordon Biersch is a mid-scale meeting spot in downtown San Jose. Many hi-tech professionals often dine here when in town for a convention, so the place is renowned far beyond San Jose. It brews its own lager. Pilsner, Marzen, and Dunkles are available. Favorite eats include the individual pizzas and the salads and there is always live jazz to entertain you at night.

“Fresh, hand crafted beer and premium, made-from-scratch food… all served up in a friendly and fun atmosphere – that’s what the Gordon Biersch experience is all about.”

How It All Began

What began over twenty years ago as a dream of bringing together fresh, handcrafted beer and made-from-scratch, world class cuisine – is today a reality at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants from coast to coast and across the Pacific to Hawaii and Taiwan.

This dream of exceptional beer and delicious food became a reality on July 6, 1988 when the first Gordon Biersch opened in Palo Alto, California. Acquired by Big River Brewing Company in 1999, Gordon Biersch currently operates 29 restaurants in the United States, including Honolulu, Hawaii. Additionally, two Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants operate in Taiwan. The Gordon Biersch heritage of superior beer, great food and good times are now being served up fresh daily.



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